Pictures of Africa, Part 5 – Faces 

The children of Bulembu are like children everywhere. When we wave at them from our van, they flash beautiful, unguarded smiles and wave back.  When we greet them in class, they reply, “Hello visitas!” There is a polite formality about them, but there is also a wide-eyed guilelessness.  The ones I met don’t seem to be hardened by their difficult histories. Instead, they seem open to new connections and new joys. Is this part of Swazi cultural, or is it what they have learned in Bulembu? I don’t know, but I like it. 
On evening of our first day in Bulembu we were entertained at dinner by a group of high school musicians. They played for us on guitar, synth, and drums, and one of them performed a song he wrote. It was good! That inspired me to offer to meet with the songwriters in the high school during after-school club time the next day. We had a two-hour discussion about writing, and because some of them wanted more, we scheduled a second meeting the following Friday. We talked about some specifics of guitar playing, as well as writing, and I discovered that these budding songwriters have no way to record their own songs.  I want to do something about that. I don’t think it would take much to provide a simple recording set-up for them, so I plan to look into it. Please pray that God will provide!