Pictures of Africa, Part 7 – Hard Work! 

I cannot say enough about the hard working people who came on this trip. They paid money to sweat. The childcare services of Bulembu are partially funded by cottage industries, including a bakery, spring water bottling, honey production, a dairy, and a guest lodge. They painted the town bakery, mixed and poured concrete to make a hilly road passable during the rainy summer, helped cook for the 365 children, built two fences to keep free range cattle off school property and to keep soccer balls on school property, engaged in after school clubs and sports with students, tutored primary students after school, and cared for babies in the nursery. 
These team members were of all ages, from five to seventy. They came from Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, California, and Washington, D.C. Each one pitched in, worked hard, engaged with children and their teachers, and received the weary rewards of their labors. As I looked at them every evening from behind the worship leader’s microphone, I couldn’t help thinking, “These are some of the best people in the world. I am proud to know them.”