Pictures of Africa, Part 8 – Just A Little Light 

Making connections is the best and most uncertain part of a mission trip. We all hope to meet people, get to know them, and, maybe get to understand and love them, but who can guarantee that will happen? All one can do is be available, reach out, and hope someone reaches back. I had many moments on this trip in which people reached back in powerful ways. Here’s one of them. 
We had finished helping with after school clubs at the primary school. We had played board games and helped with crafts. We had danced and played drums with the girls’ and boys’ Swazi dance teams. Now it was time for us to walk up the mountain to the long building where we would help children with their homework. As I sometimes do, I sung a line of a song, just for fun. The boys and girls near me said, “You can sing!” Then they asked me to sing something. I agreed, on the condition that they sing with me.  Then I taught them the chorus of a song I had written earlier in the week. We sang it together all the way up the mountain.  You can listen to it on the link below. Do you hear me huffing and puffing up the hill, as we sang? It was a magical experience for me. I hope you enjoy it too!