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Winter, according to the calendar, 

Begins at the solstice, 

When days are short, 

And nights long, 

But anyone who has left the house 

With too light a wrap 

Knows otherwise. 

I walk bravely today, 

Facing a cold, wet wind, 

Hands stuffed into pockets, 

Hood pulled down 

Over my forehead, 

And I feel winter's cold fingers 

Along my neck and shoulders and thighs. 

No sleigh-ride jingle 

Cures this kind of winter. 

It carries no festival lights 

Or yule log warmth. 

This is the season that gets in 

Under your coat to remind you 

That her sister, death, 

Is coming for you sooner than you think 

With icicle talons to hold you under 

Until the summer that thaws all things. 



  1. What reminds you of your mortality? What feelings come with that? 
  2. What would you leave undone, if death came today? 
  3. In your worldview, is there a “summer that thaws all things”? How does that affect your thoughts and feelings about your life? 


"Winters" is reprinted from Jim Weber's Solstice To Solstice - A Memoir In Verse.

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