The Thinking Poet - Amoebas


I am weary of the locker room talk
About our team, exceptional, exclusive,
The tight knit tribe of fortunates,
Blessed be us, chosen by us
To be the chosen by us,
Assumed by us to be well and good…

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The Thinking Poet - End Of This Round

End Of This Round

We were making the normal plans,
Doing the normal things
Until a tornado tore through,
Companioned by DeRecho,
His destructive, straight-line little brother,
Only a foreshadowing of the
Millions of illnesses,
Hundreds of thousands of deaths…

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The Thinking Poet - Dust To Dust

Dust To Dust

I like to have a little sawdust on me 
To remind me who I am,
Since I came from dust long ago,
Further back than my cells can remember,
Back before they could tell the difference 

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The Thinking Poet - By The Condo

By The Condo

I drove by the condo 
Where we lived when you were born.
The trees we planted in the back
Are still there, unrecognizably tall.
But you aren't there.
The west wind still whispers
Its lullaby in the…

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The Thinking Poet - Still A Tightness

Still A Tightness

Tightness still grips my abdomen
Just below my diaphragm,
A knot that has been gradually loosening
Over the past half hour, since we spoke last.
I have heard your footsteps several times
And felt the tension increase…

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The Thinking Poet - No Urgency

No Urgency

There is no urgency now.
Afternoon has dimmed into evening,
Branches fading into the gray cloud backdrop.
Lights come on as I sit in the dark,
Glancing lazily out the window,
From time to time wondering,
Isn't there…

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The Thinking Poet - This Orange

This Orange

This orange, a gift from friends,
Breaks into discrete pieces,
Each essentially the same, 
In sweetness, not too sweet, this one,
In tartness, I prefer a smidge more, thank you,
In juiciness, enough to drip all over,

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The Thinking Poet - Silence


Silence is its own song.
Never full-throated,
It peppers its melody with subtle interruptions,
A car going by, a creak in the house,
The howl of a distant train.
Even when it sings by itself, 
Which it almost never…

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The Thinking Poet - On The Highway


On The Highway

On the highway outside my window
Trucks crash their hollow shells,
Drums of commerce, 
Beating a cadence I could never follow.
Cars swish by, ride cymbals
Counting in slow 12/13 time,
Awaiting the entrance of the soloist…

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The Thinking Poet - The Moon Has Risen


The Moon Has Risen

The moon has risen above my window top,

Though it was shining in two hours ago

As you and I spoke from a telephone distance,

Locked away from one another for our own good,

And for…

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The Thinking Poet - Bird Worship


Bird Worship

Peeper came to my window this morning,

Squeaking as he pecked corn and sunflower seeds,

Black mask and scarlet crown dipping in homage

To his sometime provider.

I don't pour the styrofoam cup of seed every morning,


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