The Thinking Poet - Bird Worship


Bird Worship

Peeper came to my window this morning,

Squeaking as he pecked corn and sunflower seeds,

Black mask and scarlet crown dipping in homage

To his sometime provider.

I don't pour the styrofoam cup of seed every morning,

Only on those days when I want to watch him up close,

Like a Greek deity, capricious in my attentions.

He knows not to trust me overmuch,

Just as the Greeks must have known

To stay away from gods who were no better than themselves,

Honoring them with statues and temples,

But avoiding "personal relationship with Jesus" type devotion

As an invitation to trouble.

And just so, after a peck and a peep,

The Cardinal sees me move through morning window glass

And flits away to safety.



1. What is your relationship to the creatures around you?

2. Would you prefer more or less interaction?

3. How do you imagine that they characterize you?


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