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  • Just want to say THANK YOU for Friends Forever. The songs touched the lives of many, including mine when we listened to them in a cassette tape over and over again when we were in high school. That was 20 years ago I think. I can memorize all of them back then. We miss those songs. Now, since I don’t have a copy of the lyrics and the conversations, I can only remember most. How I wish I can find them somewhere on the web. It would be great to sing along.
  • Hey man you dont remember me but I was in Roy Mcveighs group in Albany and you led several of our retreats. I have always appreciated the time and work that you did with our group. I still remember many of your songs that you led us in. Thanks for all you did. Are you still leading music?  Thanks
  • Hi there, I did your musical with my church when I was a teenager…MANY years ago! After 30+ years there are still songs that get stuck in my head. I would love to be able to hear them again. Do you have any audio or scores available of “The Race is On”? I would just love it! Thanks in advance.