Jim Weber Music Events

House Concerts

What's A Jim Weber House Concert?
A Jim Weber house concert is this great event where you throw whatever kind of party you want for your friends, AND you invite Jim Weber to come play music for you. What's better than that?

The Place
Typically you need a space that will seat ten to twenty people. And they're all gonna want to see, so be sure you have some chairs. If the crowd is small, we won't need a P.A. If it's big, Jim will bring one.

The People
Invite anyone you like. Just let them know that this is a music event. Typically little ones get bored and fussy, so encourage guests to get a sitter.

The Music
The typical house concert is intimate and focussed on the music. Jim plays mostly original songs, but he also loves to lead sing-alongs (oldies, pop favorites, hymns, worshiip songs). The average house concert lasts aboout ninety minutes.

The Eats
Wanna fix dinner for your guests? Go right ahead. They will love it!  Rather not fix food? Great! Ask them to do it. Go pot-luck. Just have dessert and coffee. Just have wine and cheese. Just have s'mores and milk. It doesn't matter. It's your party. Cry, if you want to. 

The Cost
Ask each guest to plan on a $10-$20 donation. Just remember that for Jim, this is a paying gig. 

The Cause
All the proceeds of Jim's house concerts support the work of Touchstone Youth Resource Services, so Jim will probably say some things about Touchstone during the show.  Here's more information about Touchstone.

Albums for Sale
Jim will bring CD's to sell, so he'll be looking for a place to set them up.  


Book Jim

At a Jim Weber music event you will laugh, sing, tap something, clap something, shake something, feel something, and think something. You might cry. You will probbly laugh. And you will feel deeply.

The rhythm will move you. So will the words. And the melodies will speak for themselves. You will be challenged, encouraged, and comforted. And you will like it.

To schedule Jim Weber at your music event, please contact us at

Touchstone Youth Resource Services
P.O. Box 159231 
Nashville, TN 37215

Songwriting Services

Do you need a special song for a birthday, anniversary or other special event? Do you just want a chance to co-write with a pro? Does your group need an original teamwork exercise? Jim can write your song with you or for you. He has years of experience conducting songwriting workshops. You won't believe what you can do! Just contact us for details!