The Thinking Poet - The Lion

The Lion

I see the lion over the dome,
Flexed, crouched, ready to spring,
Jagged teeth and claws
Able to rip flesh from bone.
You, in your factless fantasy,
Thought he was there to destroy,
When he was actually there to protect
The defeat of evil, your evil, by good,
The vanquishing of falsehood, your falsehood, by truth,
The overcoming of violence, your violence, by justice.
You now have an opportunity
To attack or join the lion,
Though it will cost you your illusions
And require of you a humility
That you once banished.
A turning is called for,
But it is entirely 

1. In your life what is the guardian agains evil, falsehood, violence, and injustice? Is it effective, or is it failing?
2. How would you know if you were on the wrong side of that conflict, and what would you do, if you realized that you were?
3. What illusions do you need to abandon? What humility do you need to return to, and what do you need to turn from or toward?

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