The Thinking Poet - Not Half

Not Half

Not half, but more than half,
A week away from a were's terror,
Lopsided of face,
Rolling up the night,
A silver tire, flattened on one side,
Cut, perhaps, by star shards
That sparkled light years ago
To accompany your limping hike
Across my crystalline January sky.

1. When was the last time you let your imagination run when looking at a natural object. Did you enjoy it, or not? If not, what kept you from enjoying it?
2. Pick something in your view, and re-imagine it as something else with a different existence or even a point of view. What is the value of such an exercise of imagination?
3. What keeps you from doing this more often, especially if you enjoy it? How could you make a place in your life for exercising your imagination?

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