The Thinking Poet - I Gaze Out

I Gaze Out

I gaze out the kitchen window
As I wash the lunch dishes,
Past the snaggle of branches,
Oak, pine, hackberry, and hickory,
All in their winter skeletons
Except for the hackberry
Which wears a robe of English ivy
Like Adam and Eve,
Full of shame at its nakedness,
Past the tan concrete interstate wall,
Its screaming inhabitants
Flying by like wasps on the attack,
Not even visible until you feel their stings,
Past silver light poles, still as sentries,
To the unmarked, cerulean sky.
I sigh, drop my shoulders, 
Unfurl my brow, and smile.
Something in us is made 
To stare into the distance.

1.Describe the setting that helps you feel this way. When was the last time you went there?
2.What does that setting evoke in you? 
3.What is it about that setting that brings that out in you?

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