The Thinking Poet - In The Drizzle

In The Drizzle

Out into the misty night I will go
Because you asked,
Because you didn't want
To wet your hair in the drizzle,
Though you weren't planning to be seen
By anyone but me,
And I know you were not 
Saving your hair for me
Like a young lover might.
You simply didn't want to be wet,
And I, like an old lover,
Don't care about getting wet
Or whether you were thinking
Of me or your hair
Or anything at all
But that the mail not be left
In the mailbox all night.

1. What sacrifices does love make for the beloved? Are they imbued with deep feeling, or are they just mundane actions?
2. When was the last time you did some small act of love for someone? What was their response? Did their response matter to you?
3. Who does little acts of love for you? How did you respond the last time they did that?
4. Does thinking about this make you want to do anything different?

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