The Thinking Poet - This Orange

This Orange

This orange, a gift from friends,
Breaks into discrete pieces,
Each essentially the same, 
In sweetness, not too sweet, this one,
In tartness, I prefer a smidge more, thank you,
In juiciness, enough to drip all over,
In tenderness, fragile, but not disintegrating.
I wonder whether the pieces think,
(A silly thought. 
Who believes orange slices think?
But then, the word silly used to mean
"having been tricked by elves,"
So perhaps oranges do have thoughts,
And we have been tricked to think otherwise.)
That they are different from each other?
If I examine them closely,
They are not exactly the same.
Look, this one has a seed.
Does that make it the boss section,
Or the worker section,
The high society slice,
Or the stupid, lazy, low class, criminal,
Better not move in next to me section?
This is where I should be drawing 
A brilliantly crafted moral point,
But I have eaten the whole orange,
Except for that seed.

1.When was the last time you observed the details of a common object? What did you notice or learn?
2.Pick an object and imagine what the world would look like through its eyes, if it had a point of view.
3.What would the details say about it, if it were a person?

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