The Thinking Poet - The Moon Has Risen


The Moon Has Risen

The moon has risen above my window top,

Though it was shining in two hours ago

As you and I spoke from a telephone distance,

Locked away from one another for our own good,

And for the good of others in this masked age.

We tell the trivial, the true language of love over time,

Talking about nothings that fill the blanks between us.

I can't remember a thing we said,

Now that the moon has taken her perch above the hackberry tree,

Though it was as important as anything ever said by anyone

Because the saying of it said, by implication,

That even as the machinery of earth and moon and time creep on,

You and I are connected -- in time and beyond time.



1. To whom can you converse about nothing?

2. How do you bridge the gaps between you and others?

3. What assures you that you are connected with someone?

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