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The Thinking Poet - Amoebas 


I am weary of the locker room talk
About our team, exceptional, exclusive,
The tight knit tribe of fortunates,
Blessed be us, chosen by us
To be the chosen by us,
Assumed by us to be well and good,
Fellows of the club,
Set apart from the others
Who by every detail of their outsiderness
Have declared themselves worthy
Of the deprivation they must certainly know
Because they are not endowed with the special knowledge,
The special experience, the unique defining beliefs
That prove they are not us,
And we, the called, the exceptional,
Are, from the beginning and to the end,
Simply the better, the deserving, the endowed.
I am weary of the confines of this
Tiny, tiny box in which amoebas
Congratulate themselves above all creation.

1. What exclusive group(s) are you a part of, and how do your groups keep others out?

2. What are the benefits for you of being part of an exclusive group? 

3. Who are the outsiders to your group? What would happen, if you included some outsiders?